BBC Scotland News fed a foul-smelling little story by Labour’s Lewis Macdonald

Lewis Macdonaldby Prof. John Robertson  |  11 Feb 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

It’s the lead TV broadcast story chosen by an editor to be repeated all day and top of the website too. BBC Scotland News were fed this foul-smelling little story by Labour’s Lewis Macdonald revealing all the rank corruption and hypocrisy at the core of this wayward child of Keir Hardie

Macdonald told the BBC:

The committee supports the principle that anybody in Scotland can access GP services or A&E departments free of charge when needed. However, we are concerned that NHS boards are missing out on vital sums of money to which they are due by not being able to identify those entitled to NHS care.’

Here’s what Lewis Macdonald dislikes in NHS Scotland:

‘The system in Scotland differs from that in England where providers of NHS treatment are required to make sure patients are eligible for free care – and to charge them up front if not.’

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