Media critic writes in defence of the ‘totalitarian’ SNP government

viewfromthearmchair_02-890x434Retired media analyst John Robertson takes issue with press criticism of the SNP in government

‘Arrogant, dismissive, illiberal, reactionary, totalitarian!’ 

What, UKIP? Not UKIP? Don’t tell me I’ll get it. Is it that guy in Turkey? I know, it’s that Kim Thingy in North Korea isn’t it? Wrong, wrong, wrong, it’s John Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon! Says who? Kevin McKenna said it in the Herald last weekend. Here’s a quote:

There is a curiously illiberal and reactionary strain running through its (SNP) core which seems to belie its socialist credentials’

I was quite stunned by the quote above, not long after having been fully gobsmacked by the headline:

Aim of independence is put at risk by SNP’s arrogance.’

Now, I’ve criticised the SNP recently in this throbbing digital organ. In particular, I had a go at what seemed to me like a trend toward a more presidential style in both the appearance and the language adopted by the First Minister. Like many SNP members I want a more collegiate style with less of the ‘I’ word. I’ve also criticised the new national testing programme for schools from what Kevin McKenna would, I hope, recognise as a liberal perspective ….



Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Newsnet
Original Publication Date :  Aug 4, 2016
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