More students from most deprived parts of Scotland are entering Higher Education, but BBC misleads

Higher EducationThis happens every year and in the same way. BBC Scotland take a report on widening access to Higher Education and extract for reporting, only those figures which seem to suggest Scottish Government policy is failing. Here’s the short report, broadcast six times between 6am and 9am, this morning:

‘Fewer students from the most deprived parts of Scotland are entering university. Figures from the Scottish Funding Council show there was a 0.2% drop in the number of entrants from the poorest areas last year.’

The impact, on viewers perceptions of the SNP government, of bad news like this, repeated every 30 minutes, to an audience more sensitive to negative news at that time, may be quite powerful.

As always, with the best propaganda, it’s not inaccurate, in itself. It is, however missing key facts required for both balance and overall accuracy.

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Higher Education, Higher Education
Source :  Talking Up Scotland
Author :  Professor John Robertson
Image source :  Pixabay (CC0)
Publication Date :  May 31, 2018

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