SNP sails on undeterred by media’s imagined ‘civil war’

SNP Civil Warby Prof. John Robertson  |  16 Jan 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

Even if Reporting Scotland, STV and the ‘Scottish’ press do their worst to keep the ‘Five Trials of Alex’ show running for months, to compete with Game of Thrones, how likely is Paul Hutcheon’s prediction, popular with other Yoons, that it will wear the SNP administration down?

Well it clearly hasn’t done so far as the most recent YouGov poll puts the SNP up at 40%, in a position to increase their seats by around 10, from 35 to 45 with Labour likely to become almost extinct again.

But, wait, can we learn anything from the past? Remember the Great SNP Civil War of August 2018? It must have been a big thing back then. Look at the mass coverage…

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