Is everything in Scotland ‘near breaking point?’

NHS ScotlandWe’ve heard over the last few days, from the BMA leader, that NHS Scotland is ‘near breaking point.’ Indeed, in Sunday’s interview (15.1.97) with Gordon Brewer, he and the Tory MSP interviewed used the phrase about ten times. Neither, of course, offered any evidence but merely anecdote. The claims from a highly partisan trade unionist in pursuit of 4% extra funding, or ‘we’re all emigrating’, and that’s all they were, claims, were then plastered all over the Unionist media.

Have you noticed that in Scotland it’s always worryingly ‘near’ for viewers and readers but not here yet? That means you can make sensational claims about SNP incompetence and then conveniently forget about them when they do not come to pass. NHS Scotland’s ‘near’ crisis did not materialise and the media gaze seems to have turned away already, looking for other ‘might-happen-crises’ in other sectors of SNP responsibility.

Today, in all the same media outlets, we had the news that the relationship between Scottish teachers and the Scottish Qualification Agency (SQA) is just as strained ….

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Jan 17, 2017
Article Link :  Is everything in Scotland ‘near breaking point?’
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