No ‘humanitarian crisis’ in NHS Scotland says new BBC Reporting Scotland Health Correspondent

BBC Reporting ScotlandAfter years of reporting fake news of crises in NHS Scotland, in a determined attempt to undermine the SNP Scottish Government and save the Union, BBC Reporting Scotland, last night (12.1.17) appeared to give ground for the first time with more than one phrase recognising the superior performance of NHS Scotland. It was of course grudging and qualified with more than a few ‘buts’, but, nevertheless it was an absolute shock for those of us who have been monitoring them since before 2014. Read and be amazed that they said these:

‘We’ve heard a lot in the last few days about the NHS crisis (emphasised) in England. I think it would be fair to say the picture in Scotland looks better…’

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Jan 13, 2017
Article Link :  No ‘humanitarian crisis’ in NHS Scotland ….
Archive Link :
Image source :  Pixabay


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