‘Journey to Yes’ video highlights BBC bias and questionable reporting

Inform Scotland’s prime goal is to highlight BBC bias which many people agree has negatively impacted the Scottish independence movement.

The following video is an excellent summation of why impartial and unbiased media is important, and why the calibre of reporting from the BBC and the Guardian etc. is completely unacceptable to the Scottish people.

The lady in the video went looking for alternative news sources because it became increasingly evident to her that the BBC’s reporting was biased.  In order for her and many other people in Scotland to feel truly informed about Scottish politics they now get their news from alternative media outlets like Wings Over Scotland, who believe in presenting the facts as they are.

The BBC’s desire to constantly weave a biased narrative through much of their Scottish news reporting has done nothing other than to earn the distrust of the Scottish people, and rightfully so.

In our ongoing mission to expose BBC bias, we are presently trying to grow our audience at Inform Scotland, so if you like what we do – please feel free to go to the Youtube page this video was posted on – and in the comments section why not paste in a link to our website, or indeed one of our articles.


Source :  Phantom Power
Original Publication Date :  May 17, 2017
Archive Link :  Archive.is
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Thanks from all the team at Inform Scotland.


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