Despite previous APOLOGY from an editor BBC Scotland uncritically re-use flawed research on school exclusions

Politics Scotlandby Talking-Up Scotland  |  7 Mar 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

Politics Scotland 
on 6th March headlined with: ‘Holyrood hears allegations children with additional needs are being unlawfully excluded from lessons!’

The piece was then introduced with: ‘It’s a follow-up from work done on 2017 which concluded there was a lack of support for children.’

These allegations are based on deeply flawed research, which I demolished in 2018, and which BBC Scotland have already apologised for using:

 In retrospect we should not have carried this story in the way that we did and I apologise for that. I am taking steps to try to ensure that we do not do so again with similar stories.’

The report has many flaws, see below, but based on extracting one key element, the objective misuse of statistics to exaggerate… 

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