Tory Minister’s ‘Rape Clause’ comments cut out of Reporting Scotland

rape clauseControversial comments from a UK Government minister that described the so-called Rape Clause as an “opportunity” for victims of rape to talk about their ordeal, have been edited out of BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland.

Appearing before the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee on Monday, UK minister Esther McVey was asked whether she was comfortable with a rape victim having to prove she was raped in order to receive benefits.

The Tory MP defended the so-called Rape Clause insisting it was providing “extra help”, before adding: “… people will be supported and shown to the various other organisations.

“And again this could give them an opportunity to talk about maybe something that’s happened that they never had before.

“So it is potentially double support there, them getting the money they need and maybe an outlet which they might possibly need.”

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Image source :  Pixabay (CC0)
Publication Date :  Apr 16, 2018

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