Reporting Scotland: Bad foreigners and bad foreign food

Reporting ScotlandReporting Scotland went international on Wednesday.  The top news item wasn’t about fitba, murder or claims of another Scottish NHS ‘Crisis’.

Viewers tuned in to be presented with images of a rally in Pakistan.

They’ve gone all Scottish Six I thought.  International news through a Scottish lens.  Alas the truth was rather less radical.

The rally in Pakistan was featuring as the top item because those in attendance were there in support of a man currently languishing in Barlinnie prison.  Tanveer Ahmed is currently serving 27 years for the murder of shopkeeper Asad Shah.

The killing of Shah was due to sectarianism.  Tanveer Ahmed travelled from England in order to confront Shah.  The confrontation ended with Shah being stabbed to death.

Sectarianism is something we in Scotland have experience of.  People have died on our streets as a result of nothing more than the colour of a football top.  It’s a subject that needs to be handled with care lest tensions ignite ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Mar 1, 2017
Article Link :  Reporting Scotland: Bad foreigners and bad foreign food
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Image Source :  Michel Curi on Flickr , Creative Commons
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