Did Reporting Scotland treat all pre-conference party interviews equally?

Theresa May… PM is asked for her views on Nicola Sturgeon.  The item is very comfortable and provides Theresa May with opportunities to attack Nicola Sturgeon and the issue of a second independence referendum.

… Keith Brown’s interview was the seventh item on the programme.  It was missing from the programme’s introductory bulletin.  The item starts with the SNP MSP talking about Brexit and the party’s Single Market/Customs Union preference, however interviewer Andrew Kerr immediately veers off with a clip of Alex Salmond on his RT show.  Viewers are told the show is “controversial” and that there are “tensions between the [SNP] leadership and the membership on independence”.

… The interview with Keith Brown was completely different in terms of presentation and editing.  It was the only interview that featured clips aimed at undermining the SNP man’s message.

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Theresa May, Theresa May
Source :  Indyref2.scot
Image Source :  By DonkeyHotey (Theresa May – Caricature)/
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Publication Date :  Oct 7, 2018

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