Reporting Scotland: Relentlessly slanted … Relentlessly negative

Reporting ScotlandWhat’s the point of Reporting Scotland?  It’s a genuine question of a programme that seems incapable of finding anything positive to say about the nation within which it broadcasts.

On Tuesday the so-called flagship evening news programme took to the air with news on the Scottish NHS, the Named Person scheme and Scotland’s streets.  All three items were a feast of negativity.  More on that later.

In this article though, I’m going to begin by highlighting something that happened last month and involved speeches given by the leaders of the three main parties at Holyrood.

On Monday, February 13th, Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale both travelled to London to give speeches.  Both, not surprisingly, attacked the SNP and the idea of independence.

Both speeches were covered on that evening’s Reporting Scotland as you can see below ….

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Original Publication Date :  Mar 8, 2017
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