Contrary to this morning’s Reporting Scareland, Scotland has more than its share of Radiology Consultants

Reporting Scotlandby Talking-Up Scotland  |  4 Apr 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay

We heard this morning in the Reporting Scotland insert at 06:26am, when we’re all feeling a wee bit fragile:

‘There are warnings that a shortage of specialist cancer doctors to analyse scans is compromising patient safety in Scotland. A report by the Royal College of Radiologists published today found almost 80% of the clinical leads believed they did not have enough staff to run a safe and effective service.’

So, once more a single source from a partisan group, contrary to BBC guidelines for editors, with many research methods questions to be answered. What was the sample? Was it just an email to the whole of NHS Scotland with an utterly unreliable self-selecting sample? Was that 80% of all the clinical leads in Scotland or only 80% of the 10% who bothered responding? Were they asked a leading question?

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