Reporting Scotland incredibly worried about Alex Salmond’s involvement with RT, Ofcom not bothered….

Alex Salmondby Prof. John Robertson  |  26 Jan 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

First, we heard: ‘The Russian broadcaster RT is being criticised for continuing to broadcast and promote the Alex Salmond show’.

As it turns out, we discover that only one named member of the Scottish Conservatives, list MSP Annie Wells, can actually be found to evidence this criticism. No other named source is offered. Ofcom, we hear later, are not interested in commenting. So, already this looks like an inadequate evidence base for telling a story and so clearly just an excuse to keep up the pressure on Alex Salmond with any old RS report.

Second, we hear that unnamed Conservative and Labour sources think RT’s actions are ‘inappropriate’ in the light of the charges of ‘sexual offences’.  That’s the ‘sexual offences’ reminder in but no explanation of what they mean by ‘inappropriate’.

Third, we’re informed that Salmond’s involvement with RT was always ‘controversial’. That’s left unexplained and the opportunity to be impartial and informative missed. 

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