BBC suddenly quiet about Scotland’s post-Brexit fishing sector

Scotland’s fishing sectorHow many times have you watched a BBC Scotland news report about Brexit only to find the reporter reminding you of the damage the EU has done to Scotland’s fishing sector?

It’s been a constant since we Scots voted to remain, only to find ourselves ignored because England … er, didn’t. Fishing is the proxy that balances the democratic deficit. Look at the fishing communities, they nearly voted to leave!!

Since the EU referendum, fishing is the only sector left in Scotland if you believe the BBC and Brexit is its saviour. The story goes that Brexit will see the UK leave the Common Fisheries Policy. At a stroke no foreign vessels will be allowed in UK waters. There will be so much fish that we’ll need to build even more Type 26 frigates to catch them.

That theory took a bit of a dent on Wednesday when news emerged of a meeting between Michael Gove and Danish officials. The Danes let it slip that the UK Foreign Secretary had conceded that foreign vessels will indeed still be able to fish in UK waters…..

When the evening programme aired, I watched each item in turn. Mental health discharges … Calls for an inquiry into Fife council … Baby Box doubts [What was that about?] … A pensioner jailed for life … it went on right throughout the programme and not one mention of the fishing access story.  The fishing story had been dropped.

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Aug 3, 2017
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