Scotland’s school’s PISA results ‘lean’ toward nothing meaningful

pisa_890x500Reporting Scotland and the opposition parties scream out ‘crisis’ and reveal just how little they know about education, especially international comparisons. Here is the truth of the matter in ten statements which I’ll elaborate a bit below:

  1. Some tests just suit some countries’ education systems. Doing well in one test doesn’t make that country’s overall education system better than that of lower rankers and in some cases, especially in East Asia (China, Korea, Singapore), it is evidence of them being worse in many ways.
  2. The PISA results are based on unreliable estimates with huge scope for error and thus, I quote, ‘useless.’
  3. Summarising a country’s education system in just three numbers is, I quote, ‘madness.’

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Dec 8, 2016
Article Link :  Scotland’s school’s PISA results ….
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