Quit talking to the BBC if you care about the Scottish independence movement

BBCTHERE’S A CERTAIN MISCONCEPTION that by giving interviews to and appearing on the BBC the political representatives of the Scottish independence movement have a platform from which they can explain their positions and advance the cause of independence.

This belief reveals a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of the British state broadcaster. Rather than being a neutral news media outlet, the purpose of the BBC – as is stated explicitly in its own charter – is to create and strengthen a common sense of shared national identity across all the nations and regions of the United Kingdom. Under the heading of “Public Purposes (6.4)” the charter reads:

The BBC should bring people together for shared experiences and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

Ensuring the “wellbeing of the United Kingdom” – not the wellbeing of the people it brings together and the social cohesion it hopes to build, but the wellbeing of the union state as a state polity – is what the BBC is all about.

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Author :  Jason Michael
Source :  Random Public Journal
Image Source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Aug 1, 2018

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