The SNP leadership need to stop pretending the BBC is impartial. It isn’t.

impartialEditor’s noteThe BBC is not impartial – FACT.  The SNP need to make a clear point of the BBC’s blatant bias against Scottish independence.  This can only serve to make the SNP and the independence movement stronger.

…. Currently the BBC is implying that the SNP didn’t in fact win the general election in Scotland.  Below is an excerpt from the top BBC Scotland news article on Saturday.

This line has been repeated by BBC Scotland presenters.  But why would the SNP need to ‘insist’ it won the election in Scotland?  It did win the election in Scotland.

Why isn’t the BBC reporting this very obvious fact?  Do scientists have to ‘insist’ gravity exists?  Do we ‘insist’ the earth orbits the sun?  No, because verifiable facts do not require to be insisted.  They just are.

The SNP leadership need to stop pretending the BBC is impartial.  It isn’t.  Its Scottish outlet is institutionally corrupt.  You’ll only get balance, accuracy and impartiality if you demand it.  So demand it.

Don’t play by their rules, play by your own.  You have the backing of the entire Yes movement.  If BBC Scotland and to a lesser extent STV defiantly refuse to play fair then they’ll lose viewers, they’ll lose trust and they’ll lose credibility ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  June 10, 2017
Article Link :  The SNP must act like the winners they are
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