The BBC and the ‘Brexit Veto’ scam



Have you ever tweeted something you thought was fact but that you later learned was nonsense?  I have.  Several times in fact.  Honest mistakes but embarrassing nonetheless.

Andrew Marr caused a near twitter meltdown at the weekend, or rather whoever is responsible for his show’s official twitter account, when he tweeted the following: “Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland has a veto over Brexit”

The problem for Marr was that the First Minister had said no such thing.  What Nicola Sturgeon had in fact said was that signals from new Prime Minister Theresa May that the latter would not invoke Article 50 until there was agreement across the UK, left the First Minister in a “strong position”….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  18 Jul, 2016
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