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In November last year I wrote an article for the online site Newsnet.  The article, entitled ‘Stop debating Indyref2 timing: Unionists are campaigning already’, warned yes supporters that Unionists were already campaigning in anticipation of indyref2.

I wrote:

“…whilst the date of a second referendum has yet to be determined, campaigning for what could be the vote-of-votes is already in full swing.  In fact it never really ceased even after Unionists won last year’s historic ballot.

“The alliance that was forged between Labour and the Conservatives during the first referendum campaign has endured beyond it.”

The article was prompted by attacks on the SNP by George Osborne after the chancellor used the falling oil price to paint the nationalists as having misled the electorate during the referendum campaign.  Osborne’s misrepresentation of the campaign became headline news in Scotland and was widely promoted by BBC Scotland ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  29 Jun, 2016
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