The ruling that exposes the depth of corruption at the BBC

corrupt_890x445On Friday February 5th this year a story appeared across the news platforms of BBC Scotland.  A ‘think tank’ had, we were told, carried out ‘independent analysis’ of Scottish Labour’s election proposal of an income tax rise of one pence for every taxpayer in Scotland.

The news reports were a godsend to the Scottish Labour party.  According to BBC Scotland, Kezia Dugdale’s proposals could variously “reduce the impact of spending cuts”, “weigh most heavily on higher earners” and “boost the income” of the poorest.

The so-called ‘independent analysis’ was also covered online by Douglas Fraser in an article headlined Tax rise plan ‘could reduce cuts impact by a third‘ [see image above].  The original headline of the online article was ‘Think tank supports income tax rise in Scotland‘ ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Dec 18, 2016
Article Link :  The ruling that exposes the depth of corruption ….
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