The twisting and turning of BBC Scotland

On March 30th in the middle of the Scottish election campaign, Scottish Labour made a shock announcement.  A much touted £100 rebate, for low earners caught in the party’s 1p income tax rise net, was now scrapped.

The U-turn came out of the blue.  Kezia Dugdale had initially proposed the idea two months earlier.  It had garnered her party a raft of positive headlines from a Unionist media keen to punt Scottish Labour as reborn and a genuine left-leaning alternative to the SNP.  Now, smack bang in the middle of an election campaign, the pledge was binned.

It was a disaster for Scottish Labour.  Newspapers and broadcasters were as one in their presentation of income tax as the dominant electoral issue.  New powers were coming to Holyrood and tax had taken centre stage.  Labour looked to be in disarray ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  21 May, 2016
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