Undisclosed Interests



Newsnet Scotland this morning attacks some comments by BBC presenter James Naughtie in which he remarks disapprovingly on the aesthetic state of Princes Street in Edinburgh. To be honest, we’re with the Beeb’s man on this one – as documented by the splendid Facebook page Lost Edinburgh, the capital’s main thoroughfare is a living catalogue of grotesque crimes against architecture, and the additional havoc wreaked on it by years of needless tram works doesn’t need any detailing here.

The piece does reveal something much more interesting, though.

Our ever-alert readers will already know that the UK state broadcaster has selected Mr Naughtie to beef up its coverage of the independence referendum in the year leading up to the vote. The veteran will, of course, be an impeccably neutral and impartial journalistic voice representing both sides of the debate fairly. Won’t he? ….

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Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  http://wingsoverscotland.com
Original Publication Date :  August 16, 2013
Article Link :  http://wingsoverscotland.com/undisclosed-interests/
Archive Link :  http://archive.is/CeErw

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