Now Reporting Scotland LIES about violent crime RISING when it FELL

Violent crimeby Talking-Up Scotland  |  26 Feb 2019  | 

This is the latest in a series of lies by Reporting Scotland on, for example, gangs, knife, crime, obesity and hospital infections. I’ll summarise in the next post today.

Last night, Jackie Bird opened confidently with:

‘Violent crimes, excluding sexual offences, has risen in Scotland over the past year.’

Reevel Alderson, looking quite uncomfortable, then quite hesitantly repeated the lie:

‘But I suppose the headline, of this snapshot is, as you say, that there has been a rise in non-sexual violent crime.’

Yet, in the introduction to the Police Scotland report, we read:

Overall violent crime is down 1.6 per cent however Group 1 Crimes (non-sexual violent crimes) have increased.’

What has happened here? Well, both have missed something important out.

Read more here ….

Also, see loads more BBC falsehoods…

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