Nice propaganda BBC Scotland, but the real news is childbirth in Scotland is safer than elsewhere in the UK

BBC ScotlandI’ve already written today about BBC Scotland’s report on the death of a baby in the most awful circumstances. I cannot describe the actual nature of that death. I’ve condemned the report in terms of its inappropriateness for our public service broadcaster.

… For purely political gain, BBC Scotland have exploited a broken woman and caused many of their viewers to illogically fear childbirth procedures in hospitals.

… That’s the real news about childbirth in Scotland. It’s safer than its ever been and safer here than elsewhere in the UK. Shouldn’t the BBC inform us rather than just scare us?

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BBC Scotland, BBC Scotland
Source :  Talking-Up Scotland
Author :  Professor John Robertson

Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0
Publication Date :  Sep 27, 2018

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