Why are Labour politicians given an easy ride by BBC News in Scotland?



It’s a common refrain from independence supporters:  Unionist politicians, especially Labour politicians, are rarely challenged with the same vigour by BBC interviewers as are their SNP counterparts.

Criticisms can range from the failure to ask a Unionist spokesperson an obvious question, asking a question but not pressing for clarity or even presenting the same politician with a soft-ball question which is in essence a platform to attack the SNP ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
Source :  http://newsnet.scot
Original Publication Date :  Nov 23, 2015
Article Link :  http://newsnet.scot/citizen/labour-politicians-given-easy-ride-bbc-scotland/
Archive Link :  http://archive.is/0LtLW
Image Source :  https://pixabay.com/en/biker-fig-motorcycle-exit-downhill-1651759/

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