Wind stops blowing in Scotland’s favour, thanks to incompetent Nats

seagulls_890x500When a cub reporter for Radio Shortbread’s four p.m Newsdrive programme misapplied the BBC’s quality control procedures, an unspun package believed to have been based on fact was broadcast in error. The hapless tyro’s piece went out before he could be huckled into the back alley through the fire doors with a P45 tucked in his hat band. Citizen Cuddis has the details.

MISTAKEN HEADLINE: Scotland’s wind power hits record levels

The uncomfortable fact that Scotland’s renewable energy sector continues to go from strength to strength – recently generating enough power in one day to meet all of Scotland’s energy requirements – is getting the Unionist press’s long-johns mightily torqued up at the crotch …

This news and its factual underpinnings were quickly trampled under foot by the fourth estate. Time for a re-write!

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Source :  Newsnet
Original Publication Date :  Dec 10, 2016
Article Link :  Wind stops blowing ….
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Image Source :  Pixabay


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