WingsGate – Reporting Scotland omits involvement of Scottish Labour councillor – Bias by omission

WingsGateIndyref2 commisisoned an analysis of the evening edition of Reporting Scotland broadcast on Thursday August 2nd.

The programme contained a report on the so-called WingsGate episode that saw two pro-Independence bloggers targeted by the BBC which resulted in their Youtube accounts being shut down.

… The first thing we noted was the placement of this story on Reporting Scotland.  Seventh place for a story that, according to most observers, has led to a serious erosion of trust in the BBC within the pro-independence community.

This placement is illogical and jarring.  In terms of breaking stories this was major.  A BBC Scotland official earlier that day had confirmed the involvement of a Scottish Labour politician in the episode that led to the targeting of two pro-independence bloggers.

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WingsGate, WingsGate
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Publication Date :  Aug 5
, 2018

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