Young woman outs BBC mis-reporting on Question Time

bbc mis-reportingThis audience member believes the media – including the BBC – failed to report the true nature of the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014

Thanks to our Twitter followers for sending us this BBC Question Time video clip and Tweet.  It’s good to know that young people in Scotland are showing their concern about BBC mis-reporting, a subject matter we feel is crucially important.

If you agree that the BBC’s coverage in Scotland is biased, please make your thoughts known on this Question Time Twitter thread, where you can see the excellent video of a young woman making her views on BBC mis-reporting abundantly clear.

And to all Inform Scotland supporters – if you are visiting the Question Time Time thread we would very much appreciate it if  you could paste in links back to our homepage and to individual articles on our site.

Source :  @bbcquestiontime
Original Publication Date :  Feb 16, 2017
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Image Source :  Pixabay
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