Workplace Parking: BBC Scotland is preparing the ground for yet another Scottish Tory scam

workplace parkingby  |  17 Feb 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

… The proposal is for power over workplace parking to be devolved to local authorities.  It will then be up to each council to decide whether to introduce a levy or not.

… The Scottish Tories know this.  But that hasn’t prevented them from contorting the proposal in order to mislead the public.  According to the Scottish Tories, the SNP is proposing to tax anyone who uses their car to travel to work £500.

… Taylor tells viewers that the Scottish Tories are “gearing up” to make workplace parking “a substantial political controversy”.  That was on February 7th.  Since then BBC Scotland has made every effort to present the issue as just that.

… Workplace parking is discretionary.  Councils don’t have to implement it.

… What BBC Scotland is doing is seeding programmes with a contortion of a proposal…

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