Wrong Hospital, Wrong report

wrong-hospital-wrong-report-image-890x240BBC Scotland’s Report on Elderly Care Inspections Trips, Titillates and Scandalises but Fails to Inform: Once again hard-working carers attacked on the basis of anecdote.

Here’s the Press Release from Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

Positive culture and investment in services, but changes required to respond to pressures and better meet patient needs. Review report makes recommendations for making sustained improvements in quality of care (Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Press Release, 31stMay 2016)

Here’s a comment from a relative on page 30 of the main report:

‘As a nurse myself, I appreciate how important communication is between staff and patients and staff and family and this ward is second to none in delivering that and compassionate care to a very high standard in often very difficult and challenging conditions of care.’

Here’s what we got from Reporting Scotland’s Jackie Bird and Eleanor Bradford on 1st June at 6.30pm:

‘The day the inspectors arrived at a hospital and ended up stepping in to help.’ …..

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  3rd June 2016
Article Link :  https://thoughtcontrolscotland.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/birdbradfordwronghospitalreport.pdf
Archive Link :  http://archive.is/8wxQ7

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